Sleeves by Greg

Thank you to our loyal customers for keeping Greg so busy! He’s got a multitude of sleeves on the go and we thought we’d share some of them with you.

He’s been working on this landmarks sleeve with Craig for a while, and both were pleased to see its recent completion! Also, a religious sleeve recently finished for Scott.

18497_935591069814981_3858392127491397204_n 1YE10jWmNns3pRJ6sp32xWbOTAWEjZQSmWieZ_5erAE

Here are some others in progress we’d like to share …

10410908_944547315586023_6041443961561044834_n 10421401_952668951440526_583584852185996361_n

17414_948963408477747_3175608624207019824_n 10354238_906975112676577_8158414148978560653_n

Many thanks to Adam, Justin, Jack and Michael! We look forward to seeing more work on these and sharing the progress with you on the world wide web. 😀