We are excited to announce that we will be able to offer piercings from the 11th May 2021. Our piercer Ti will be in the studio every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Alongside Ti will be our junior piercer Chelsea who will be offering jewellery changes throughout the week and set days for piercings at a discounted price. Chelsea will be in the studio every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Piercings will be done on a booking basis however if we have space on the day we will be offering walk-ins. From October 1st 2021 we will be offering under the mask piercing except oral

Below is the list of piercings that we offer at starting price:

PiercingHealing TimePriceAge
Ear Lobe(s)6-8 Weeks£30 Single
£50 Single
13+ Parental Consent
Tragus8-10 Weeks£4014+ Parental Consent
Helix/Cartilage8-10 Weeks£3514+ Parental Consent
Forward Helix8-10 Weeks£4014+ Parental Consent
Conch8-12 Weeks£4014+ Parental Consent
Outer Conch2-3 Months£4014+ Parental Consent
Daith4-6 Months£4014+ Parental Consent
Rook4-5 Months£4014+ Parental Consent
Snug4-5 Months£4014+ Parental Consent
Anti-Tragus4-5 Months£4014+ Parental Consent
Nostril8-10 Weeks£30+14+ Parental Consent
Septum4-6 Weeks£40+14+ Parental Consent
Naval6-8 Months£4014+ Parental Consent
Eyebrow 2-3 Months£4016+
Dermal6-8 Weeks£5516+
Scaffold4-6 Months£5016+
Nipple(s)4-6 Months£35 Single
£55 Pair
Dermal Removal£2016+

** Valid ID must be brought in with every piercing. If you’re getting pierced with parental consent, you and your parent must both bring in valid ID with surnames that match. If they do not match, you and your parent must bring valid ID with a birth certificate **

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