Piercing Aftercare

Piercing Aftercare

When you get a piercing you must be aware that there may be some swelling or scarring to the area. Although not a common occurrence, some piercings have the potential to reject or grow out. This is only a caution and you will find that there is only a small amount of people which this can affect. If you do have any concerns or questions please give us a call or pop into the studio. Make sure to use rock salt NOT table salt.

Piercing Aftercare Instructions (Except Oral Piercings)

Make sure your hands and equipment are clean before cleaning your piercing

1. Use ¼ tea spoon of rock salt with 300ml of boiling water
2. Let the water cool down and the salt to dissolve
3. Using a clean cotton bud, dip it into the water and clean one side of the piercing. Do this again with another cotton bud for the other side of the piercing.
4. DO NOT twist/pick/pull on the piercing
5. Do this twice a day for around 4-12 weeks (your body piercer will specify how long you’ll need) or use sterile saline solution twice a day following the same instructions. We sell saline solutions at the studio for £5.


An oral piercing is when all or part of the piercing is inside the mouth. The following instructions are to be used to care for the inside of the mouth. To care for the outside, please follow the instructions above.

To clean the inside of oral piercings we suggest using alcohol free mouthwash. This can be used undiluted. If an alcohol based mouthwash is used it should be diluted 1/3 mouthwash to 2/3 water. It should be used after everything you eat, drink or smoke until the piercing is fully healed.

With all oral piercings there will be some swelling. This is perfectly normal and the jewellery you have been pierced with will allow for this. Sucking on ice can help reduce the swelling. If you are at all worried about the amount of swelling or if the jewellery starts embedding please come in to have it looked at by your piercer.

For the first few days of your new piercing eating will be difficult (you may notice this especially with tongue piercings). Take it easy, start on soft foods like soup and work your way up to tougher foods. We suggest you avoid hot spicy foods and dairy at this stage. It is also advisable to change your toothbrush as your old one may harbour bacteria.

If you have any questions or queries feel free to call the studio on 01372 726 300.