Greg’s More Feminine Side…

We’d like to share some recent work Greg has done for our valued female customers.

Jasmine wanted full colour red roses in bloom and sat like a champ throughout. Lottie was thrilled with her lace backed rose.

18795_867604699986905_1804355665728770469_n 1907654_958076207566467_7419825789148225682_n

This pink rose was actually a coverup – spot the old tattoo! And Leanne decided to go large to get her pretty roses and pearls piece just so!

11179959_963688570338564_1623794047717524656_n 11173406_968468323193922_5503210507830346012_n

A pretty composition of roses on the left for Katie, and Greg was delighted to break from traditional and add a sparrow to the botanical mix for Georgina.

11205130_972809562759798_4830080828855884076_n  11170338_963689127005175_4510381560446758367_n

So ladies, Greg can always do you a pretty feminine tattoo as well, whether it’s black and grey or colour! And coverups are possible too. Give the studio a call to book your free consultation with Greg.