Daith piercings – the new migraine cure?


At this point, the effect of daith piercings on migraines has not been officially studied so it’s not possible for us to make any medical claims. We have seen the popularity of this piercing rise significantly in a short period due to large numbers of positive stories by migraine sufferers citing that this has been an effective cure to their misery.

We have never made any claims ourselves but have asked our own customers to give us feedback on their findings. To our surprise, every iota of feedback we have had so far seems to support the theory that the daith piercing can and does either reduce migraines considerably or completely cure them. We must of course consider that there are those who have found no difference, and that they simply haven’t returned to relay this to us. Either way, we still make no guarantees but it’s hard to ignore all the positive feedback and not be swayed.

The principle is that the piercing mimics acupuncture by hitting a pressure point, which in turn relieves the pressure in the patient’s head. By having it done on the same side as most migraines occur, it’s thought to help reduce the incidence of migraines in the area. The use of acupuncture has a much longer history of reliability. The basic premise is that needles inserted into particular points on the body cause the blood vessels around the needle to dilate and increase the blood flow to the tissues. 

All our customers have come in for this piercing with the mindset that they had nothing to lose and only a pretty piercing to gain. That too is our personal philosophy on the daith piercing.